Pregnancy period can be exciting but also come with a lot of difficulties to women. Pregnancy brings changes to the physical, mental and emotional health of women. It is important to stay aware of the different changes and take help from the doctor. A gynaecologist will address all the issue and will help the pregnant mother to cope with the different changes effectively. Al Hendawy Medical Center, the leading medical center in Abu Dhabi has good gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi. The clinic is renowned for being the best medical center in Abu Dhabi and also for being the finest pediatric clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Some of the changes which women undergo during pregnancy are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy can be different for women. The amount of hormones produced during pregnancy changes. The hormonal changes help in the growth of the foetus. It not only brings a change in the physical body but also affect the mood and behaviour of the person.

Gaining of weight is another transition. Gaining weight can cause a lot of discomfort. Weight gain brings down the blood circulation and other fluid circulation. The fluid hence gets retained in various parts of the body. Doing exercise and other activities gets hugely affected. Fluid retention leads to further weight gain.

A pregnant woman can experience changes in their different senses such as sight, taste and smell. Vision changes can occur and affect women differently some may experience changes such as nearsightedness. Similarly taste and smell also changes. Women start preferring certain type of foods and experience an increase in the sensitivity towards different smells.

Physiological changes such as changes in breast and cervix also occurs. These changes will support the women and make the body sufficiently ready for childbirth.

Dehydration is another factor which women should be careful with. When women exercises there are higher chances of dehydration and on top of it if whether is hot then it will lead to body fluid loss and thereby reduced supply of nutrients throughout the blood.

Movement of air to and from the lungs increases and sometimes it can result in difficulty in breathing. Metabolic rates also increases and can lead to low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia.

Dizziness and fainting are another common symptom of pregnancy. It is usually seen in women after 24 weeks of pregnancy Morning sickness are also common.

Hair and nail changes can also occur during pregnancy. Hair loss happens when there are hormonal changes and excessive hair growth in hands, face, arms, legs etc are also seen. The rate of nail growth also increases in some women.

Pregnant women feel different emotions such as anxiousness, irritation, sadness, happiness and so on. They will have many questions in the mind especially first time mothers. Hence it is important to consult with a good gynaecologist in Abu Dhabi. A good gynaecologist can help pregnant women to cope with the changes.

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