Dear all

Welcome to Al Hendawy Medical Center website.

It is an honour to host you here.  The website aims to provide all required information about our Medical center and pharmacy.

For more than a decade, Al Hendawy Medical Center has been serving the UAE community by providing world-class healthcare. With a professional team of dedicated doctors and support staff, we have been able to deliver evidence based treatment to a large number of people who have chosen Al Hendawy as their medical care adviser.

As you are aware, technologies change from time to time in every field. At Al Hendawy, we have been keeping abreast with the latest advancements in the healthcare sector to offer our patients with comprehensive and advanced medical care. We strongly believe that health is the most valuable wealth and every person has the right to good health irrespective of his/her gender, race or financial status.

At Al Hendawy, we consider patient satisfaction and wellness as our prime responsibility. Our long-term vision is to be recognised as one amongst the best healthcare providers in the world.

As the Chairman of Al Hendawy Medical Center, I would like to acknowledge and extend full credit to our hardworking and dedicated staff and our excellent team of doctors. Last but not the least, I sincerely thank our patients who have put their trust and faith in us and given us an opportunity to prove our merit and dedication.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ali Hendawy


Al Hendawy Medical Center