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Orthopedics Clinic Abu Dhabi

Orthopedic diseases are becoming more common these days. If untreated, it will cause severe long-term pain and physical disability. We pride ourselves in being one the best healthcare facility in the region. Our orthopedic department is committed to providing unsurpassed orthopedic care to the community of UAE. Our orthopedic doctor brings years of experience in performing various surgeries and provides world-class orthopedic treatments elatedto traumas, fractures and general orthopedics. We never compromise on the quality of the treatment delivered. With the advancement in orthopedic treatments, our surgeries are becoming simple and less painful. At Al Hendawy Medical Center, the medical team works together to ensure fast and successful recovery of our patients.

Are you experiencing spinal pain or back pain? Have you sprained your muscle? Or, do you have broken bones? When seeking an orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi to treat such bone or muscular conditions and feel better, come to Al Hendawy Medical Center. We offer an orthopedic treatment plan that is made to suit your individual needs as well as comprehensive medical care for a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

Several activities in daily life, particularly outdoor activities, cause musculoskeletal issues that require professional management and care. If left untreated, then it would have serious long term effects such as pain and disability. Therefore, we would recommend visiting an orthopedic clinic Abu Dhabi for an accurate diagnosis as well as possible treatment options, care and other related services. We have doctors with ample expertise and experience in their areas of specialty who offer advanced diagnosis, treatment and other services regarding orthopedic conditions.

When it is about treating common orthopedic conditions, like joint pain and backache, or doing hip, joint and knee replacement surgeries, you would not like to compromise on the quality of service. Neither do we. Our medical professionals work as a team to help ensure quick and effective recuperation for patients through quality treatment. So, do you want to schedule an appointment with any of our orthopedic doctors for the betterment of your health? If yes, contact us today to book an appointment with our orthopedic doctor in Abu Dhabi.